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Industrial Tube Manufacturing Attends The World’s Largest Tube & Tube Processing Industry Trade Fair

As part of the commitment to growth, Industrial Tube Manufacturing Director’s, Julian and Lyndon Green, attended the Wire & Tube trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The long-running show offers opportunities to experience all new developments in the tube industry, including witnessing state of art technology for tube manufacturing and processing, attending a wide range of presentations, and meeting with management from Europe’s leading manufacturers.

Alongside new machine concepts, the theme of “assisted machinery” was a particular focus and was well received in the context of skilled labour shortages.

Experts from numerous exhibiting firms presented their companies’ sustainability strategies, discussed paths towards green transformation and energy and climate policy with the audience, or presented successes already achieved on the way to decarbonisation.

Industrial Tube has Gold Certification from NZSSC reflecting an almost 40-years commitment made by the company to sustainable, high-quality steel and stainless tube production in New Zealand and Australia.

As Julian Green notes, “Attending the show, which we were last at over 10 years ago, has given us confirmation that Industrial Tube Manufacturing continues to provide our New Zealand and Australian customers with innovative solutions that are at the cutting edge globally, in line with the highest of industry standards, and in a sustainable and responsible manner”.


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